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  • CCAT200_2-resized

    Boston Chemcat (UHMW)

    •UHMW Chemical Hose •FDA Approved Material •Temp Range -40°F to 250°F

  • Infinity_1

    Continental Infinity

    Applications:  Lightweight in construction, it is designed to transfer biodiesel and ethanol blends, gasoline and other petroleum products under pressure, gravity flow or medium suction (up to 23˝ Hg) at ambient temperature and with an aromatic content of 60% or less.

  • GFC400_3

    ContiTech FabChem

    •UHMW Chemical Hose
    •Designed for handling the majority of industrial chemicals under pressure
    •Temp Range -40°F to 150°F

  • GPEFP400

    Contitech Plicord Extremeflex

    Applications: Flexible and lightweight drop hose used to transfer diesel, ethanol, gasoline, oil and petroleum based products

  • 19B050P250-resized

    General Service Air/Water – Continental

    An economical  air and water hose, used in a wide range of applications including industrial, construction and agricultural

  • 300EPDM300

    KanaFlex 300EPDM Water Suction & Discharge Hose

    Applications: Liquid suction hose for use in construction dewatering, liquid waste, cesspool cleaning, septic handling and agricultural applications

    Note: External helix provides easy drag

  • ST120LT300

    KanaFlex ST120LT – Nitrile Tube

    Applications: Used for gasoline tank truck gravity drop. Flexible and lightweight.

  • ARP_1

    PeraFlex ARPE Petroleum Composite

    Applications:  Designed to remain flexible when transferring petroleum products at extremely low temperatures. ARPE is suitable for bio-diesel and ethanol.

  • PGP_1-scaled-2023

    PeraFlex GGP Hydro Carbon Hose

    GGP is designed for transferring a range of fuels, lubricants, heavy oils, and 100% aromatics in pressure or suction applications.

  • PGP_1-scaled-2023

    PeraFlex PGP Standard Chemical Hose

    Polypropylene lined suction and discharge chemical hose designed to transfer a wide variety of chemicals for in-plant, rail car and tank truck applications

  • SGP-Chem-scaled-2023

    PeraFlex SGP or SSP Standard Chemical Hose

    A polypropylene lined chemical transfer hose used for in-plant service, rail car, refineries, drumming and barge loading and unloading

  • SST400_1-scaled0-2023

    PeraFlex SGT or SST Aggressive Chemical Hose

    A PTFE lined suction and discharge hose designed to convey the most aggressive chemicals when a polypropylene liner is inadequate

  • 19B050P250-resized

    Premium Multi Purpose Air/Water

    A premium-quality multipurpose hose,  able to handle air, oil, water and kerosene

  • ohs-series700

    Series 700 Stainless Steel Hose

    Construction: Annular / Standard Pitch
    Hose Material: 316 or 321 Stainless Steel
    Braid Material: 304 Stainless Steel (316 available on request)
    Characteristics: Medium Weight / Medium Flexibility

  • ohs-series800

    Series 800 Stainless Steel Hose

    Construction: Annular / Close
    Hose Material: 316 or 321 Stainless Steel
    Braid Material: 304 Stainless Steel (316 available on request)
    Characteristics: Heavy Weight / Medium Flexibility