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  • ohs-AFH-32-F-angled

    “A” Frame Hose Loader

    Very popular loading arm. Provides good flexibility, long-reach and is convenient and easy to use. This arms stores neatly in the upright positions.

  • ohs-M-32-F

    Bottom Load

    Allows operator to safely load from the ground, not on the top of the vehicle where falls commonly occur.

  • ohs-LongReach_Bottom

    Long Reach Bottom Load

    Offers all the advantages of bottom loading with a long reach

  • ohs-singlearm-la

    Single Arm Fixed Reach

    Primarily used to load and unload rail cars and tank trucks through open domes in installations where the cares can be spotted accurately.

  • ohs-petro_la

    Top Load Long Reach Supported Boom

    This style arm provides dependable low maintenance service in high-usage environments. No heavy loads are placed on the swivel components to minimize wear.

  • ohd-GT-32-F

    Top Load Unsupported Boom

    Excellent arm for variable reach applications, especially in large sizes where the outboard components are relatively heavy