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Designed with the Operator in Mind

Ultraflo introduces a revolutionary design in bottom drop tee operation that emphasizes operator safety and ease of use. The Tee-Rx® (patent pending) is engineered to place all operations necessary to open and close the tee within easy reach of the operator eliminating the need to squat or reach across trailer piping. The Tee-Rx® also includes a retainer to assist in keeping the door completely out of the media’s path and to conveniently locate the handle for closing the tee. These features enable the operator to both open and close the bottom drop door in one fluid movement with either hand or foot.

Designed to Protect Your Bottom Line

In order to reduce the potential for equipment damage, special attention has been paid to ensure that the Tee-Rx has adequate ground clearance. The Tee-Rx® door assembly hangs down 6” when fully open, compared to the competition’s which can extend down nearly 16” if not pinned. This feature in combination with material selection ensures the Tee-Rx® will withstand the rigors and abuse of the most demanding applications. The ergonomic design of Tee-Rx®’s operation also minimizes risk of operator injury and costly claims


Size A B C D E F Wght/Lb B. Circle Holes Hole Dia. Material
5X4RX-UT 13.88 7.50 4.50 5.0 4.05 3.83 28.60 7.875 6 .563 ULTRA TUFF
5X4RX-TEE 13.88 7.50 4.50 5.0 4.18 3.83 15.06 7.875 6 .563 ALUMINUM
6X4RX-UT 13.88 7.50 4.50 6.0 4.05 3.83 28.90 9.00 8 .563 ULTRA TUFF
6X4RX-TEE 13.88 7.63 4.50 6.0 4.18 3.83 15.46 9.00 8 .563 ALUMINUM

Rx-Ut: Plain By U-Groove Is Shown. U-Groove By Plain And Plain By Plain Are Also Available.
Rx-Tee: Available Only In Groove By Groove (Not U-Groove).