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  • Hydraulic operated
  • Hydraulic system isolated from product
  • Quick removable clap ring top-head from easy cleaning
  • Complies with TTMA RP 102
  • 316 Stainless Steel with Teflon seals

The Betts stainless steel 2″ tee style vapor recovery valve complies with recommendations of TTMA RP 102. The unique clamp ring style top-head allows for quick removal of hydraulic actuator and internal components so the valve body can be cleaned without removing body from tank. By using flexible hydraulic links to connector to actuator, hydraulic line does not need to be disconnected to remove top-head. Tee style design allows for plumbing vapor connections at top of tank and at street level for maximum flexibility. Outward opening design provides full flow area for 2″ pipe.

Design of hydraulic cylinder isolates hydraulic oil from lading. Visual syndication confirms when valve is open. Body constructed of 316 stainless steel with Teflon seals exposed to lading.


Open Closed

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Mounts Outlets Thru Area Actuation Pressure Temp. Range MAWP Weight (lbs) Part #
3.19", 9.06", 7.71", 7.0" 3" NPT 2" NPT 3.14in² 250 PSI -40°F to 400°F 50 PSI 12.8 CH46819SSTS

*3000 PSI maximum hydraulic pressure. Use Betts pump with 3000 PSI bypass setting

**Remove from cargo tank during pressure test per 49CFR178.345-13(b) and 49CFR180.407(g)(1)(vii) if cargo tank test pressure exceeds 50 PSI