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  • Stainless Steel Valve Block and Internal Components
  • Horizontal or Vertical Mounting
  • Tamper Resistant Pressure Relief
  • Front and Side Outlet Ports

The Betts Hydraulic Pump HP46982ALSL is designed as a corrosion resistant, reliable hydraulic pump for use with any Betts hydraulically operated valve or vent. The pump head and internal parts are made of corrosion resistant stainless steel. The reservoir is made of aluminum with a durable E-coating. 1/4 NPT hydraulic connections are conveniently located at both the front of the pump and on the right side. A drain plug allows the reservoir to be drained without unbolting the pump. Pump can be mounted horizontally or vertically with outlet end down. The pump contains a tamper resistant pressure relief set to bypass at approximately 3,000 PSI.


Part # Rated Pressire Displacement per Stroke

Fluid Capacity*

Total**                      Useable***

Dry Weight
HP46982ALSL 3000 .43 in ^3 38in ^3 (21oz) 25in ^3 (14oz) 13 lbs

* Pumps are shipped dry with no hydraulic fluid
** Total = amount of fluid to fill reservoir to within 1/4" of the cover plate (33).
*** Useable = amount of fluid to take 'Total' fluid down to just above the filter screen (28).

Hydraulic Pump Parts (3rd Generation)

Description Req. Material Part #
Piston 1 303 Stainless 75233SL
Bushing / Wiper 1 Brass / Polyurethane 75239BR
Release Handle Screw 1 304 Stainless 9Q4170
Pressure Release Handle 1 304 Stainless 75145SL
Release Stem 1 304 Stainless 75236SL
Release Stem Seal 1 Buna-N 75254BN
Valve Block 1 303 Stainless 35965SL
0.313 Ball 3 440 Stainless 9Z8505
Ball Spring 2 302 Stainless 75255SL
Spring Retainer 1 Brass 75298BR
Auxiliary Outlet Plug 1 Brass 9V4925
0.1888 Ball 1 440 Stainless 9Z8507
Bypass Plug 1 304 Stainless 75237SL
Bypass Spring 1 17-7PH Stainless 75256SL
Bypass Cap 1 Brass 75238BR
Handle 1 Galv. Steel HP19165-01
Beam 1 E-Coat Steel 75240EY
Clevis Pin 2 Zinc Plated Steel 9Q4733
E-Clip 2 Coated Steel 9Q4733A
Link 1 303 Stainless 75234SL
Piston Seal 1 Buna-N 17946BN
Pin 1 303 Stainless 9Q4950
Outlet O-ring 1 Buna-N 75584BN
Outlet 1 Brass 75583BR
1/4" NPT Pipe Plug 1 Plastic 9Z6145
Valve Block Cap Screw 6 304 Stainless 9Q5975
Head Gasket 1 Cellulose Fiber 75244CF
Filter Screen 1 304 Stainless 75148SL
Drain Plug 1 Brass 9V4914
Reservoir 1 Aluminum E-Coat 46973ALEY
Priming Instructions 1 Vinyl 9Z4022
Cover Cap Screw 4 304 Stainless 9Q5861
Cover Plate 1 Aluminum E-Coat 75246ALEY
Cover Gasket 1 Cellulose Fiber 75245CF
Vent Plug 1 Brass / Viton 75242BR