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7556A 12VDC Oil Burner Control 15 Second Lockout.

Features & Benefits:

  • New Feature Programmable valve-on delay and motor-off delay provides chamber cooling after call for heat
  • Valve-on delay / motor-off delay (Field programmable with Beckett’s Contractor Tool)
  • Epoxy potted for moisture resistance
  • Welded relay protection with redundant motor relays
  • High ambient temperature rating
  • Alarm output enables visual or audio indication of flame failure and lock out condition
  • Interrupted ignition
  • Relight function
  • Fused protection
  • 15 second lockout time
  • Communication port

Voltage: 12 VDC nominal (11 to 16 VDC)
Current: 160 mA nominal (500 mA max at 16 VDC)
Enable Load: 40mA at 12 VDC

Motor: 12 VDC, 20 full load amps (FLA), 100 locked rotor amps (LRA)
Igniter: 12 VDC, 5 A
Solenoid Valve: 12 VDC, 2 A
Lockout Alarm: 12 VDC, 2 A

The Beckett GeniSys™ 12 V Advanced Burner Control is a 12 VDC primary safety control for oil burners used on pressure washers, road stripers, crack sealers, hot patchers, and asphalt distributors, to name a few examples. The GeniSys™ 12 V is used with a suitable cad cell flame sensor to control the oil burner motor, igniter, and optional solenoid valve. It can provide interrupted or intermittent duty ignition, and it has a 15 second lockout time.


Beckett GeniSys Control Part No. Lockout Time Valve-on Delay Time2 Motor-off Delay Time2
7556A 00001 15 sec
7556P 15301 15 sec 15 sec 30 sec
7556P 151M1 15 sec 15 sec 1 min
7556P 152M1 15 sec 15 sec 2 min
7556P 158M1 15 sec 15 sec 8 min