Three Convolutions Designed for Moderate Movement

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The Proco Style 443-BD Molded Expansion Joints can be used for corrosive applications that are found in industries such as chemical-petrochemical, industrial process piping systems, power generation plants, pulp/paper plants, water and wastewater sewage, and pollution control systems. This expansion joint features three convolutions and is designed for moderate movement and ease of system installation. Wherever metallic joints, lap joints, or PTFE and FEP-lined rubber expansion joints were previously used, the Proco Style 443-BD can also be used.

Some notable features of the Proco Style 443-BD include:

  • Absorption of pipe-wall and fluid-borne noise
  • Reduction of system stress and strain
  • Isolation of mechanical vibration and motion
  • Superior “Flex Life” and strength
  • Tested force pound and spring rate tables
  • Coated flanges and factory set limit bolts
  • Chemical service capability at minimal cost
  • Elimination of electrolysis
  • Protection against start up and surge forces