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  • Threaded Hold-Downs
  • Low Profile
  • 4”, 6”, 10” High Collar Available

Note: Not legal for DOT specification cargo tanks.

Tiona 20” Full Opening Manholes are fabricated for greater strength and less weight. Full 20 inch opening assures safe entrance for inspection or cleaning of tank.

Non-ASME, 20″ Shallow Dish, 4 Hold Down, 5 psi MAWP, Model 8327


Weld Collar Cover Wing-Nut, Swing Bolts, Hinge Pins Number Hold Downs Working Pressure* Weight Collar Height Assembly No.
Aluminum Steel Stnls 304 4 5 PSI 44lb (20kg) 4" (101.6mm) 8327ASW-4"
Aluminum Stnls 316L 8327ALW-4"
Steel Steel 54lb (24.5kg) 8327SCW-4"
Stnls 316L Stnls 316L 8327LCW-4"
Aluminum Steel 4 5 PSI 47lb (21.4kg) 6" (152.4mm) 8327ASW-6"
Aluminum Stnls 316L 8327ALW-6"
Steel Steel 64lb (28.8kg) 8327SCW-6"
Stnls 316L Stnls 316L 8327LCW-6"
Aluminum Steel 4 5 PSI 53lb (24.1kg) 10" (254mm) 8327ASW-10"
Aluminum Stnls 316L 8327ALW-10"
Steel Steel 82lb (37.3kg) 8327SCW-10"
Stnls 316L Stnls 316L 8327LCW-10"

Notes: White Hypalon gasket furnished as standard (reference suffix "W" in assembly number). For other gaskets available, see parts page for correct suffix.

*Tests were conducted and rating determined with homogeneous gaskets.

During installation and welding the collars to the tank, care should be exercised to insure the collars remains flat and round in order to assure proper performance. If necessary a welding fixture should be used to prevent distortion.