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Betts Industries’ Cam-Latch Manhole offers a high-quality, robust design able to meet the stringent requirements of the transportation and processing industries.  Whether it is for railcar or over-the-road, liquid or dry bulk, this manhole fills the requirement.

Manhole Specification

Model 8555 is a 20” full opening cam-latch manhole equipped with a quick opening cast aluminum cover which has a lift handle, two padlock tabs and replaceable nylon wear saddles.  Six smooth-operating aluminum latches attached to robust 5/8” swing bolts are secured to the collar utilizing a single lug design.  The hold-downs are adjustable to create a positive seal between the cover and collar. The cover incorporates innovative safety latches on each side of the handle.  These safety latches will not swing off the cover until the cover is lifted slightly off the collar and residual tank pressure is relieved ensuring a stuck cover will not over-ride the safety mechanism.  Manhole meets requirements of 49CFR §178.345-5 and §178.347-3.


Part # Hardware Weld Collar Cover and Cam Levers Weight Collar Height* Gasket**
8555ABF-6 Zinc Plated Steel Aluminum Aluminum 41lb (18.6kg) 6" (152mm) White FDA Nitrile (Buna-N)
 8555ACF-6 Stainless Steel
 8555SBF-6 Zinc Plated Steel Steel Aluminum

60lb (27.2kg)

 8555SCF-6 Stainless Steel
 8555CBF-6 Zinc Plated Steel 304 Stainless Aluminum
 8555CCF-6 Stainless Steel 

OHS # 4402ALZC

Technical Specifications

Design Pressure*** - Internal MAWP Design Pressure*** - External MAWP Test Pressure*** Design Temperature - Minimum Design Temperature - Maximum
35 PSI (2.4 bar) 14.7 PSI (1.0 bar) 53 PSI (3.65 bar) -40°F (-40°C) 250°F (121°C)

*Alternate collar height available by designated 4, 8 or 10 as last number of part number.

**Alternate gasket material available. See table below.

***Tests were conducted and rating determined using white nitrile gasket

NOTE: During welding of the collars to the tank, care should be exercised to insure the collars remain flat and round in order to assure proper performance. If necessary, a welding fixture should be used to prevent distortion.

Letter Material
F White FDA Nitrile (Buna-N)
V Black FKM (Viton)
Q Fluorosilicone
- -
- -